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Meal Diet Material - The 2nd China International Food, Meat and Aquatic Products Exhibition 2016

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Exhibition Background
Chinese Catering Industry has been one of the formats with the deepest opening level, the largest industry scale, the most internationalization and the best comprehensive benefits in service sector. According to the relevant data show that there are more than 3 million catering enterprises in China, sales revenue reached 3.231 trillion, with year-on-year growth of 11.7%. During the transformation and innovation of catering industry, facing the China consumption market with a population of 1. 3 billion, about 60% of 800 billion catering supplying chain is concentrated in China top ten cities. Eating in Shanghai , Shanghai hotel and catering industry always is second to none in China with a lot of old name-brand shops which after a hundred years without failure and emerging enterprises, traditional or innovative dishes, well-known snacks and , refreshments, flavor of food are too numerous to mention. In 2015, the number of Shanghai hotel and catering enterprises reaches 83152, retail sales were 100.339 billion, with year-on-year growth of 9.8%, exceeded 100 billion for the first time, which occupied 12.65% rate in the consumption distribution gross amount of Shanghai , growth increased 2% more than in 2014, growth faster than Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities. Shanghai is an international megalopolis with a population of 13.5011 million, which will attract more famous catering enterprises at home and abroad to settle here. This will offer a broad space for the development of catering and ingredients l suppliers. China Food Material Trade Fair and Shanghai International Catering & Ingredients Exhibition(CMF) has successfully held two terms in Shanghai as the only professional catering and hotel supplier chain exhibition in Asia. The accumulated exhibition area reached more than 50,000 square meters, the exhibition attracted nearly a thousand of top supplier chain exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of professional buyers in the field of hotel and catering from domestic and foreign to participate in the event.
New Opportunity
Because of the strong consumer demand of catering market in Shanghai , The 3rd China Food Material Trade Fair and Shanghai International Catering & Ingredients Exhibition 2020(CFM) will be held by China Hotel Association & Shanghai Golden Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd. in China Import and Export Fair Complex-Shanghai . And changed the name to” The 3rd China Food Material Trade Fair and Shanghai International Catering & Ingredients Exhibition” instead of “The 3rd China Food Material Trade Fair and Shanghai International Catering & Ingredients Exhibition. It is estimated that the scale and visitors volume of CFM CHINA 2020 will be raised greatly from a year earlier, the number of exhibitor will grow by 80% and the number of professional audience will increase by 120% year on year. Relying on the high demand of the Chinese market, the exhibition held in Shanghai will be shown as the most influential one in hotel and catering ingredients industry in the Asia-Pacific region. We will give a large rise in the scale, level and numbers of professional buyers on the existing basis. This exhibition will be a rare opportunity for hotel and catering enterprises from all over the world to communicate, trade negotiation, expand business and enhance brand. In the meantime, we hope to help more hotel and catering supplier chains to seize the newest innovation form, consumption condition and industry trends in order to make correct strategic decision.
Concurrent Event
China International Food, Meat and Aquatic Products Exhibition(FMA CHINA) is an important exhibition supporting by AQSIQ and state commerce bureau. It acts as a professional and international trade exhibition of food, meat, aquatic products and dairy products, as well as a vital platform for foreign companies to expand in China. FMA CHINA has been has successfully held two terms, the accumulated exhibition area reached more than 50,000 square meters, which attracted thousands of excellent suppliers in the fields of import food, meat, aquatic and dairy products from Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, America, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, etc., and more than 50,000 professional buyers in the field of food and beverage at home and abroad to participate in the fair. Along with the exhibition, the concurrent events included “International Import & Export Food Policy, Laws and Regulations Summit”, “China-France Dairy Products Technological Exchange and Trade Seminar”, “Sino-Australian Livestock Trade, Laws and Regulation Seminar”, “Sino-French Beef Trade Conference”, “ The Aviation Food Hygiene Supervision and Quality Control Seminar”, “Shanghai Characteristics Catering Development & Innovation Forum”, “China Wolfberry Industry Development Forum”, “China Import Food Testing”, “International Traveling Catering Buyer’s Presentation”, etc., which have raised a great concern from multiple international organizations and industry colleagues.
Major Exhibits
All kinds of meat,seafood,poultry,vegetables& fungus,fast food,condiments and related equipment.
Target Audience
• International related organizations and associations, foreign institutions in China, International trade and commerce institutions in China, sourcing offices of international buyer in China, international trade and commerce institutions;
• Industry organizations in the field of catering, institutions and enterprises; producers, importers, dealers, traders, retailers, experts and related media in the field of catering and ingredients, etc.
• Catering investors and franchisees; hotel investors; financial institutions; commercial real estate developers; proprietors; property management agencies ; hotel operators; training institutions; hotel design firms, food material importers and dealers, etc.
• E-commercial industry, catering & hotel Website Designers, professional buyers of these website, related medias.
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