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Aquaculture Fisheries - The 2nd China International Food, Meat and Aquatic Products Exhibition 2016

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Exhibition Background
China is a big country in fisheries production and trade, fish products as food with high quality and high protein content in our daily life, which occupies the largest trade volume in the world. According to the relevant data show that the global supply of fishes reached 183 million, expanded by more than 25% in 2015. The aquatic product trade of China maintains the status of developing steadily in these years, exports has been on the top of all the countries in the world for 11 years. The aquatic product trade continued a rapid growth in the first three quarters of this year, The volume of trade was $20.9 billion,the export was $14.5 billion and the import was 6.4 billion, the trade surplus was 8.1 billion. China has surpassed USA and become the largest country in aquatic product trade from 2010. The China Aquatic and Fishery Festival as one of series of theme exhibitions of FMA CHINA and Shanghai International Fisheries & Aquaculture Fair(CSF) has successfully held four terms in Shanghai as a professional fisheries purchase exhibition in Asia. The accumulated exhibition area reached more than 80,000 square meters, the exhibition attracted nearly 1,000 top supplier exhibitors and 50,000 professional buyers in the field of fisheries from domestic and foreign to participate in the event.
Concurrent Event
China International Food, Meat and Aquatic Products Exhibition(FMA CHINA) is an important exhibition supporting by AQSIQ and state commerce bureau. It acts as a professional and international trade exhibition of food, meat, aquatic products and dairy products, as well as a vital platform for foreign companies to expand in China. FMA CHINA has been has successfully held two terms,  the accumulated exhibition area reached more than 50,000 square meters, which attracted thousands of excellent suppliers in the fields of import food, meat, aquatic and dairy products  from Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, America, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, etc., and more than 50,000 professional buyers in the field of food and beverage at home and abroad to participate in the fair. A meeting focus on fishery and aquatic product field will be held at the same time to help the participants to have a deep understanding of industry development, seek the ability of future growth and profitability. Topic will including: aquatic product quality certification& entry-exit inspection and quarantine, aquatic product processors& international trading, health aquaculture& the environment, protection and management of water, fodder and nutrition for aquatic, cage culture, shellfish beds,  preventing fish from disease and new items in aquaculture.
Major Exhibits
•Aquatic products: fresh seafood, frozen seafood, value-added product, branded product, "Tie Brand" product
•Service and organization of aquatic products: quality control, financial, trade groups, industries computer and information system
•Side product of aquatic product: accessories, béchamel, dressing, bread crumbs
•Equipment of aquatic product: processing machines, refrigerated equipments
•Packaging of aquatic product: aquatic product  transportation, storage and packing equipment, etc
Target Audience
•International related organizations and associations, foreign institutions in China, International trade and commerce institutions in China, sourcing offices of international buyer in China, international trade and commerce institutions;
•Industry organizations in the field of aquatic products, institutions and enterprises; producers, importers, dealers, traders, retailers, experts and related media in the field of aquatic supply , etc.
•Aquatic product wholesale market and refrigerator, catering investors and franchisees; hotel investors; financial institutions; commercial real estate developers; proprietors; property management agencies ; hotel operators; training institutions; hotel design firms, food material importers and dealers, etc.
•E-commercial industry, catering & hotel Website Designers, professional buyers of these website, related medias
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