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Diary - The 2nd China International Food, Meat and Aquatic Products Exhibition 2016

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Exhibition Background
With the continuous improvement of people's living standard, the domestic consumer demand for high quality of dairy products is much higher than before. China has now become the world's fastest growing dairy market. More than twenty countries have achieved health registry allowing dairy exports to China (including: infant formula food).According to relevant data; In 2013, China imported 1.827 million tons of $7.147 billion dairy products, year-on-year growth of 36.24% and 52.91% respectively. Value has accounted for 15.6% of the domestic dairy products sales. The DFE has attracted hundreds of exhibitors and outstanding dairy factories and suppliers in and abroad of China of 40 countries to attend. In addition, thousands of professional buyers of dairy industries visited the exhibition. During the exhibition, the International Dairy Summit Meeting was highlighted and attracted the active concern by many Associations of Dairy industries and professional buyers. It is estimated that the second half year of 2016,numbers of exhibitors will be increased by 80% and the professional audiences will by 220%.

International dairy quality safety and market Summit will be held at multi-function meeting rooms in the pavilion. The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, China Food and Drug Administration, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Industry and the General Administration of Customs, and  municipal government and the leaders of the relevant association and enterprises have further communications on the topic of the Import Food and Dairy Products Quality and Safety Control and marketing promotion.

Major Exhibits
• Sterilized milk: pasteurized milk, sterilized milk, milk and other modulation sterilized milk (such as membrane filtration of no thermal sterilization processing aseptic, super high pressure sterilization, etc.);
• Fermented dairy products: fermented milk (yogurt), flavor of fermented milk (yogurt flavor);
• Powder:whole milk powder, part of the dried skim milk, whole milk powder, dried skim milk with sugar, seasoning powder, whole milk, skim, formula powder, fortified formula powder and other powder;
• Butter: cream, butter, cream and other;
• Condensed milk: sweetened condensed milk, unsweetened condensed milk, and other condensed milk;
• Cheese: cheese, hard cheese, and other cheese;
• Whey powder: desalted whey powder, whey powder, other whey powder and whey protein concentrate.
• Milk base infant formula: milk infant formula, milk base larger infants and young children formula milk.
• Ice-cream (materials, machinery and technical equipment ) and other dairy products : casein and other products, etc.

Target audience
• Manufacturers/brands/investors
• Agent/distributor/wholesaler
• Purchasing office/trading company/importers and exporters
• Integrated maternal and child stores/department store/supermarket/pharmacy/commercial real estate
• Network agents/retailer Association, chamber of commerce/consulate
• Media and service agencies
• Other

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