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Trade-Import Food Policy and Laws & Regulations Exchange has been held for five times so far, furthermore other activities were held jointly with relevant institutions, such as Chinese and Western Food (Meat) Safety Conference, China-Australia Livestock Trade and Law & Regulation Meeting, China-France Beef Trade Communion, Sino-German Poultry Laws & Regulations and Epidemic Prevention and Treatment Seminar, China-Poland Cooperation Work Seminar, China-Spain Beef and Mutton Technology Trade Exchange, China-Uruguay Beef Trade Development Summit, Overseas Processing Enterprises Sanitary Registration Symposium, Imported Pre-packaged Food Labeling Laws and Regulations Training and Exchange, International Alcoholic Product Label Management, Customs Clearance Practice and Safety Supervision Peak BBS, International Cross-border E-commerce Forum, Aviation Food Hygiene Supervision and Quality Control Seminar, etc. have been held concurrently. In these activities, the business executive, technical experts and front-line staff of the competent departments of the Customs and the State Administration for Market Regulation were invited to participate, and exchanged face-to-face with government officials, industry experts and business representatives from abroad. During the exhibition, the organizer of the exhibition, China Entry & Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association have successfully signed a cooperative memorandum with a number of overseas organizations, such as German Meat and Dairy Association, New Zealand Meat Industry Association, Spanish Meat Association, Brazilian Beef Association, Polish Poultry Association, Thai National Poultry Association and Shenzhen Frozen Products Association, etc., agreeing to establish a regular cooperation mechanism within the scope of authority and business, cooperate with government agencies to promote the development of the food market and share information on food quality and safety, as well as actively organize information exchange and consultation, provide guidance to their member companies to help their products meet the import laws and regulations and access requirements of the importing countries, and occupy a bigger market through FMA.


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