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The 6th China International Food, Meat and Aquatic Products Exhibition 2020
And International Exchanges of Import & Export Food Policy, Laws and Regulations
Aug 28 - 30, 2020
China Import and Export Fair Complex-GUANGZHOU
Show website URL: www.fmachina.cn
The China International Food, Meat and Aquatic Products Exhibition is a significant exhibition approved and supported by the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC, General Administration of Customs of the PRC and State administration for Market Regulation, which will be a professional international trade procurement fair for China's food, meat and dairy industries, as well as an important platform for overseas companies to expand into the Chinese market. After years of precipitation and accumulation, FMA CHINA has become one of the three major purchasing fairs in China's imported food sector. At the same time, the exhibition area has exceeded more than 100,000 square meters, which attracted thousands of companies from 40 countries and regions around the world and more than 200,000 professional visitors to attend the event.
About MSRE
Established in 2014, Guangdong 21stCentury Maritime Silk Road International Expo (hereinafter referred to as MSRE) aims at forging an international image for Guangdong that the province has been implementing the Belt and Road Initiative elaborately and making itself the best place for doing business and seeking cooperation. With 5 years’ cultivation and growth, MSRE has gradually developed into an exhibition platform with higher influences in the countries and regions along the Belt and Road. In 2018, it attracted 1,732 enterprises from 57 countries and regions to come to the exhibition, which 1221 overseas enterprises accounted for 70.5%, and 511 domestic enterprises accounted for 29.5%. In addition, more than 80 countries and regions participated in the event with the guests attending the forum and procurement.
About Guangzhou Fair
The GUANGZHOU FAIR is a city-wide major event organized by the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government. Since 1993, GUANGZHOU FAIR has been successfully held for 26 sessions with an exhibition area of about 140,000 square metres, aiming to stay firm at the Pearl River Delta, visualise opportunities aboard and service our great nation. At the same time, it has become an important communication platform for the city to carry out regional cooperation with friendly regions and cities at home and abroad, as well as to play the role of an important national central city and to play the core engine of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.
New opportunities
In order to further follow to industry development trends and meet market demand, the organizer of the exhibition, China Entry & Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association and Golden Commercial decided to move “The 6th China International Food, Meat and Aquatic Products Exhibition 2020” to China Import and Export Fair Complex. The time is scheduled to be held on August 28-30, 2020 with the two major exhibitions of MSRE and Guangzhou Fair. Moreover, the exhibition will more comprehensively integrate superior resources, extend the entire industry chain, and connect with high quality suppliers and purchasers, which can create a first-class procurement and technology exchange platform for food, meat and dairy products in Asia, as well as push the rapid development of imported frozen products and fresh food industry. There will be tens of thousands of food representatives and professional buyers at home and abroad gathered in Guangzhou, which will provide rare exchanges, trade talks, business development and brand opportunities for food, meat and dairy companies around the world.
Concurrent Event
During the exhibition, Trade-Import Food Policy and Laws & Regulations Exchange, Chinese and Western Food (Meat) Safety Conference, China-Australia Livestock Trade and Law & Regulation Meeting, China-France Beef Trade Communion, Sino-German Poultry Laws & Regulations and Epidemic Prevention and Treatment Seminar, China-Poland Cooperation Work Seminar, China-Spain Beef and Mutton Technology Trade Exchange, China-Uruguay Beef Trade Development Summit, Overseas Processing Enterprises Sanitary Registration Symposium, Imported Pre-packaged Food Labeling Laws and Regulations Training and Exchange, International Alcoholic Product Label Management, Customs Clearance Practice and Safety Supervision Peak BBS, International Cross-border E-commerce Forum, Aviation Food Hygiene Supervision and Quality Control Seminar, China Wolfberry Industry Forum, Excellent Chef Culinary Creative Championship and China Import Food Tasting Meeting , etc. have been held concurrently. In addition, the organizer of the exhibition, China Entry & Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association and Golden Commercial have successfully signed a cooperative memorandum with German Meat and Dairy Association, New Zealand Meat Industry Association, Spanish Meat Association, Brazilian Beef Association, Polish Poultry Association, Thai National Poultry Association and Shenzhen Frozen Products Association, which agreed to establish a regular cooperation mechanism within the scope of authority and business, cooperate with government agencies to promote the development of the food market and share information on food quality and safety, as well as actively organize information exchange and consultation, provide guidance to their member companies to help their products meet the import laws and regulations and access requirements of the importing countries, and occupy a bigger market through the exchange of FMA.
Major exhibits
All kinds of food, meat & meat products, aquatic products, milk & dairy products, wine and spirits, fruit & vegetable, nuts, cans, special dietary, health food, oil, candy, beverage, tea and coffee, catering food, central kitchen, cold-chain logistics, processing technology and packaging equipment, rapid testing equipment, traceability system and traceability technology, etc.
Target audiences
•Industry organizations and associations in the filed of Food and beverage, meat, aquatic, dairy product, organizations based in China, business and trade organizations, purchasingdepartments of international companies, etc.
•Dealers, agencies, traders from food/beverage/ health foods industry, Buyers from shopping malls, supermarkets and exclusive agencies, purchasing agent from hotel and restaurant, etc.
•Purchasing managers from big supermarkets and ordinary supermarkets;
•Purchasing managers from coffee bar, chain restaurants and chain hotels;
•Duty free industry: Duty free stores, ship store, airline company, railway company, cruise company, etc;
•E-commerce industry: designers in the field of Food and beverage, meat, aquatic, dairy product, etc.
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