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Food Testing - The 2nd China International Food, Meat and Aquatic Products Exhibition 2016

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Exhibition Background
Food safety is a typical microcosm of current challenges and new problems in China. When public consumption confidence index drops, Chinese government pays more attention. Most obvious features of current china food safety situation is that government release policies frequently to supervise food safety. Zhangyong-Chief of CFDA noted in 13rd 5 year plan work, food and medicine safety is very important and related to the public life. Central party and state council pay attention traditionally, strength supervision dramatically, enlarges supervision resources gap and improve supervision ability, especially after government body reform. With higher and higher requirements in global food safety, all governments and industries take action to try to protect benefits of consumers. Premier Li keqiang pointed out that Food is the first necessity of the people and safety is the most important for food. Food safety is closely related to health of the public & life, economic development and social harmony. We must build up a set of complete system to practice main responsibility of food safety, perfect food safety standard, strength inspection and detection, strength supervision of food safety, solid administrative law enforcement, strength industry self – discipline. FMA China- Food Safety Exhibition will lead the trend of industry development. All aspects of products and contents in five fields covering supervision of food safety, food safety and biotech, micro-organisms and bio science, inspection, analysis and control, dating back technology put together.  FMA China- Food Safety Exhibition is cannot be missed and the biggest professional one in china. The exhibition is dedicated to push forward industry innovation and business development, gathering professionals and scholars from global science, research and food fields. The exhibition is divided in 5 professional show areas and consists of 500 exhibitors at home and aboard with 50000 Sq.m and over 50000 professional visitors globally. 
Concurrent Summit
“The International Food Safety and Quality Control Summit 2020 ” will be hosted on 19th September, 2020 by AQSIQ and CIQA in Shanghai, the hot topics will be discussed and improved, such as ”food safety inspection technology”, “food production and quality control technology” and “the quality and standards of food safety”. The representatives from AQISQ and the units directly under AQSIQ(Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China, Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China,Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine,China National Institute of Metrology, China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute, China National Institute of Standardization, etc.), Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China, National Health and Family Planning Commission of  People’s Republic of China, foreign governments, and related technology experts, organizations and enterprises will participate in this summit. 
Main Exhibit
1.China food safety Supervision and management area: Such as State Council food safety Office, Quality Inspection, Industry and Commerce(showing responsibilities of all departments), main provinces exhibiting food safety together including food safety Office of all provinces and enterprises of food safety industry chain. For example, XX province organizes xx pavilion
2. Inspection Equipment Innovation Areas
•Food safety inspection technology: food inspection analysis devices, rapid inspection card, urine iodine, food ingredients inspection, quality inspection, micro-organism, disease, pesticides residue in inspection, genetically modified inspection devices, agriculture food inspection, chemical element inspection, additives inspection, food package inspection, sample dealing inspection, lab devices and equipments, moisture and water quality inspection, inspection instruments and parts, consumables, mental, non mental, foreign body inspection instruments, agriculture environment inspection, soil inspection and third party inspection services etc.
•Food safety control technology: solution to food safety, traceability system, scanning and code-spurting technology, temperature and humidity monitoring, food safety inspection technology and laboratory equipment, cold chain logistics and sanitation control etc.
•Laboratory equipment and technology: laboratory equipment and machinery, laboratory automation, laboratory database systems, archiving and software, laboratory technology, laboratory furniture, chemicals and reagents, accessories and supplies, laboratory technical services, etc.
•Biotechnology, life sciences and diagnostics: biotechnology application, biotechnology equipment, biotechnology and life sciences laboratory technique, biochemical reagent, technology services, biological process engineering, diagnostic equipment and reagents, diagnostic technology, biomedical applications, etc.
3.food safety net (traceability technology pavilion) RFID product line, smart card product line: bar code, biometric, security monitoring, sensor, sensor network node, core control chip and embedded chip, communication technology and products, system integration and software and networking demonstration applications, etc.
4.Famous safe food manufacturer (food safety enterprises area): green organic food, nature products in the raw, milk, diary, Aquatic product, snack food, food addictive etc
5.Food processing and package machinery (safe package and logistics area): food processing machinery, package material and products, aiding devices and green logistics etc
Target Audiences
•Officials in related departments of AQSIQ
•Professors of Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China, Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China,Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine,China National Institute of Metrology, China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute, China National Institute of Standardization
•Technology and Financial Department Directors of Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau from all provinces and cities.
•The leaders and technicians of National/Provincial Quality Inspection Centers, Technology Centers, National Key Laboratories and Regional Center Laboratories, etc.
•The leaders and technicians of Routine Inspection Testing Institutions(provinces, cities and counties) which belong to China Inspection and Quarantine System. 
•The leaders, experts and technicians of International Travel Healthcare Organization
•The leaders and technicians of the Third Party Testing Institutions
•The leaders, quality control managers and lab manager from credit enterprises
•Chief Quality Officers of enterprises in related fields such as food and beverage, and edible agricultural products, etc.
•Professors and experts from related Research Institutes, Universities and Colleges, Analysis and Test Centers
•Inspection Equipment manufacturer, franchiser, and agents
•Academies, Associations and the members of Commerce Chamber in the field of inspection and testing.
•Related Embassies, Consulates, Foreign Representative Offices, Foreign company based in Shanghai offices and international visitors, etc. 
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